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Any person who is prescribed to take Adderall should do so only as directed by the physician. Not following the dosing instructions can result in serious consequences. The stimulant drug is possible to overdose on and suitable precautions should be taken to avoid taking more than the recommended limit or become dependent on the drug. In case of overdose, the individual should be provided emergency medical attention without any delay. This can also be done by calling the poison helpline and getting instructions on what to do. Pregnant women or those planning to become pregnant should consult with the doctor before consuming Adderall. The medication can affect the baby in many ways like premature birth, withdrawal symptoms, low birth weight, and such. It is a proven drug that is used in the successful management of ADHD symptoms. However, there are always risks of developing side effects as with any medication. Following the doctor’s instructions and taking the drug only as prescribed will help to avoid any kind of unwanted side effects. Before taking Adderall, talk to the doctor if you have any concerns regarding the potential side effects or anything related to the drug itself so you can use it safely.

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