"Let your mind know truth.
Let your body grow healthy.
Let your heart flow with love.
Let your soul glow in enternity."



Lunda Tororto

It was a lovely day today.I appreciate the lessons and your teachings.It was good to learn from such an experience guru.You seemed comfortable and enlightened. I hope you more and touch others like you have for me.Take Care!!. I loved the relaxation as well...

Name: Lunda Tororto

Country: Canada

Have done: Session

Genya Moore

Thank you very much for happiness & healing .we have gained in this shert but highly reviving 1day course.special thanks for REIKI AND AYURVEDIC massage .All the best & see tou some day weii see you again...

Name: Genya Moore

Country: Europe

Email: genya_moore@gmail.com

Have Done: Session

Isabelle Bugnoux

Thanks for the nice and smiling energy.Thanks also to the life to have given me the opportunity the  come here to learn how to give the universal energy wish all the family jove and beauty.

Name: Isabelle Bugnoux

Country: Switzerland

Email: ibugnoux@yahoo.com

Have Done: Reiki level1

Silvia Meyer

I stayed nearly 2 weeks with the OM FAMILY and it was a very nice time in my life.this place i will never forget as in the whole life.I have learned a lot about the spiritual fhing that you can make with yoga.you will never learn such  things in europe.Thank you for all this and good bye. See you next year..!!

Name: Silvia Meyer

Country: Germany

Email: silviameyer.1a smix.net

Have Done: Hatha yoga/kriya yoga

Michael Payton

This is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people.It wa easy to find peace here coming from a city.I learned exactly what i needed to know.Thanks to the careful guidence of the om family.This was a big step in really helping me find inner peace but also i can take everything. i have learned home with me.i cant say enough about everyone here, thanks to everyone have for an insping quiet time.Best Wishes.....

Name: Michael Payton

Country: USA

Email: michael.payton89@gmail.com

Have Done: 4days chakra healing

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