"Let your mind know truth.
Let your body grow healthy.
Let your heart flow with love.
Let your soul glow in enternity."



Tara ericleesen

Dharai Ramaillo Lagyo!!! Great time,very nice me to relax after a long trek.The people here were extremely nice, a very nice om family.really enjoyed the dancing and meditation and would  highly recommend.

Name: Tara ericleesen

Country: USA

Email: taraeviclcesen@gmail.com

Have Done: One day package

Talor Shamash

A very interesting day.my first time doing meditation and yoga and it was special.everyone should try even if you dont think its your best habbit. thank you OM FAMILY, we enjoyed very much.

Name: Talor Shamash

Country: Israel

Email: talorsh@walla.co.il

Have Done: One day package

Britlney Tyrrell

Had the most incrediable day!thank you for helping me  fell so relaxed and to find my"in

Name: Britlney Tyrrell

Country: Australia

Email: brittney.tyrrell@hotmail.com

Have Done: Full day package

Vicki Winterkriya

This was the greatest experience! i had no idea i could feel this relaxed.thank you for opening my eyes to the benefit of yoga and meditation.the staff werw all lovely and the food was delicious.

Name: Vicki Winterkriya

Country: Australia

Email: victoria.ee.winter@hotmail.com

Have Done: Full day package

Heather Falevski

The moment the you step on to the path leading to the  OM FAMILY ashram,you can feel a palpable shifts in the energy-you can feel the peace and love that has been cultivated here again by those who pass through it.it is a spiritual place where you can feel the power of yourself and relan.it was nice to know OM FAMILY. God bless.OM FAMILY.

Name: Heather Falevski

Country: USA

Email: hfalenski@gmail.com

Have Done: 4days chakra healing session

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