"Let your mind know truth.
Let your body grow healthy.
Let your heart flow with love.
Let your soul glow in enternity."




How can imagine what in the middle of the crazy city , there is a place like that ? It's so good to pass a day long with welcome people, a day with laughs, a day for discovering new disciplines, a day with peaceful. In the middle of my trip around Nepal, it's great place.It feels great being with Omfamily.

Name: Thomas

Country: France

Email: thomasbenifay@gmail.com

Have done: One day  package

Nocole Dionijlus

It was the perfect space to  practice and to discover many blocks became acure of some issue. I was suppressing.Thank you for the love and support and guidance.

Name: Nocole Dionijlus

Country: Australia

have done: Energy and body work/Meditation/yoga course

Katka Kwasiniewola

Coming to your family,meeting your family and then doing the course here I was thinking about doing a Reiki course before and here I felt its a good place to do it finally ,I'm very happy to be here and even if I didn't know waht to expect.I experiences only nice surprises. Thank you for your kind support ,wisdom, warmth and smile. I will definately try come back here.

Name: Katka Kwasiniewola

Country: Poland

Email: Kasia11@gmx.de

have done : Reiki first degree

Jennifer Pantridge

Deepest gratitude and love all of my experience staying at Omfamily,I do feel a part family and my heart sings in such honours for this experiece , you have forever shifted the of my life and I give thanks;may your days continue with shining.

Name: Jennifer Pantridge

Country: Australis/USA

Email: jennnifer@ournewearth.tv

have done: Kundalini Yoga/Kriya Yoga/Dynamic Meditation/Reiki/Tantra

Ana Abrev

It was a very powerful experience.I felt a very good vibrtion and energy from the startof this session.I hope i will have the next oppertunity to come here again,Thank you for all the love,cares and friendship...I feel blessed.

Name: Ana Abrev

Country: Portugal

Email: anacarpbreu@gmail.com

Have done: Chakra Therapy

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