"Let your mind know truth.
Let your body grow healthy.
Let your heart flow with love.
Let your soul glow in enternity."




This Tuesday I had a chance to appreciate a lot one day package.Very good time of yoga, meditation,massage and reiki.Emotional,unforgettable,sharing emotions and express feeling......I understand that I need it, I would like to continue another session in Omfamily.

Name: Young

Country: south Korea

Email: yhk5422@gmail.com

have done: one day package

Amir Mamah

It was a great time and the  courses were very good ,thanks for all the help and caring during two weeks...i'll be missin OM FAMILY!!

Name: Amir Mamah

Country: Israel

Have done: Reiki 1,shiatus

E-mail: amirgma@gmail.com

Ilse Stokman

thank you very much forthis big introduceto Reiki.I liked it very much,especially the last evening with the celebration. The course had opened my eyes for spiritual things.Thank you and see you again..

Name: Ilse Stokman

Country: dutch

Have done: 1+2 degree Reiki

E-mail: ilsestokman111@hotmail.com

Marline Ridder

I loved this course very much.. it was a lot of fun,i learnt alot of things which i never heared before..a great experience. I LIKED OM FAMILY very much,really good persons and had a lot fun with them...gonna miss you ALL and see you soon

Name: Marline Ridder

Counry: Dutch

Have done: 2 +3 degree reiki

E-mail: liekje70@hotmail.com

Jason Lussier

Very good course I,took these and I can feel the eneryg much stranger.Sagar did a very good job explaning, everthing helping me.Thank to Swami Sagar..

Name:Jason Lussier



Have done:Reiki2 and 3

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