"Let your mind know truth.
Let your body grow healthy.
Let your heart flow with love.
Let your soul glow in enternity."



Eric Lussier

Good cousre,I loved the initiation ,felt great after and liked the care that swami took in answering question and making sure  understood  the concept behind REIKI.The staff is very funny and very nice.Good to meet you all

Name: Eric Lussier

country: Canad

E-mail: lucy_eh@hotmail.com

Have done: Reiki 2 and 3

Nabil Ghand

Thank you so much for everthing,your advises,your teachings and especially the joy and happiness that you transmitted me. It has been a wonderful journey..Big Thanks!!

Name: Nabil Ghand

Country: Morocco


Have done: Reiki master degree

Tina Aleksandra

Tina Aleksandra

Most wonderful 7 weeks.Thank you OM FAMILY.!!!You will always havea special place in my Heart! Love and Hugs foa all!!!!!!!

Name: Tina Aleksandra

Country: Macedon

Email: alek3@yahoo.com

Have Done: Hara, Shiatsu, Reiki 1,2

Julien Richen

Julien Richen

Thanks for the great time & reawakening the dance in my body and sun in my heart.A whole new beggining. HAPPY, HAPPY,JOY,JOY.

Name: Julien Richen

Country: Canada

Email: jenepaltemps@hotmail.com

Have Done: Reiki & Holistic Healing

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