"Let your mind know truth.
Let your body grow healthy.
Let your heart flow with love.
Let your soul glow in enternity."


Bela Harraty

Bela Harraty

Reiki coyrse told me what i needed to know,but i felt that there could have been greater discussion on the philosoplies of reiki.There werent many hours of teaching and i think i could have benefited from more dialoge. However the staff were lovely and dance meditation has got to be the most fun path to inner peace.Sagar has some serious moves!!

Name: Bela Harraty

Country: Ireland

Have Done: Reiki level 1

Sergey Volsini

It is not my last words.Butnow i wishe you luck.And i think that OM FAMILY has opportunity to go  further ,go ahead.OM FAMILY has everything for that knowledge,powers.love.

Name: Sergey Volsini

Country: Russia

Email: volsini@yahoo.com

Have Done: Holistic therapy


It has been an honor and pleasure to share time with a brother. You have been a great source of light,knowledge, goodness and inspiration. Everything you have taught is very useful for all aspects of life and i appreciate all the insights you have revealed all the 'work'and 'play'we have engaged in has made me feel great.Iam so excited to go into the world and spread the qualities of love ,peace and happiness , yoga &meditation. It is comforting to know that there is somebody like you who is bringing good energy and healing to people. Thank you for your patient,teaching and for always  giving of yourself from the Heart.

Name: Darius

Have Done: Session


Both tom n i knew there was a reason to come to nepal and now we know why.You have showed me a new path in my life, with fun,laughter,joy and love.All of these which i will transform and transerd to others.Thank you so much for showing me such wonderful gifts.

Name: Alice

Email: junalis7@hotmail.com

Have Done: Session

Jocelyn Hansen

Thank you!! REOm..It was lovely to meet you and benefit from you good energy!! Ifeel good and glad to be reminded to celebrate mycreative side.Enjoy yourself and keep smiling.....

Name: Jocelyn Hansen

Country: Australia

Email: jochansen@hotmail.com

Have Done: Session

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