Yoga Course

“Combination of hatha and Astanga”

Entry Level course

3 days
NRs. 9,000

Entry level course is for those either new to yoga or only slightly familiar with yoga. The course will teach you how to do basic ‘asanas’ (postures) and it will introduce you to some spiritual techniques of ‘pranayama’ (breathing exercises). This course will significantly assist you with stretching, so that you will be able to relax your body with much greater easy than ever before. Basic ‘Body & Mind’ relaxations experience that you will be able to take home with you and adapt to your own future needs .

Intermediate Level course

6 Days
NRs. 16,000

Intermediate program for those who have some sense of familiarity with yoga form previous experience but who wish to establish their own daily practice in the future. Introducing new levels Sujma Asanas which bring emotional calmness an mental freshness. Other body postures are linked together by breath-synchronized movements which crate a deep purifying heat, nourishing internal organs and eliminating toxins.

“Highly beneficial course for health”

Advanced Level

9 days
NRs. 25,000

This course is clearly our most complete, allowing you to fully embrace the most challenging aspects of yoga. This course covers all of the potential asanas from yoga. Holistic parnayama, mudra and art of Holistic living. The practice is empowering and liberating as emotional and physical blockages are shifted within one self, moving through fear in a gently unfolding journey towards self acceptance. The deeper purpose of course is to still the mind open the heart and help you to reach spiritual calmness and sense of well being.

Kundalin yoga course

3 Days
NRs. 19,000

Kundalini is perceived as the divine spiritual energy latent in all beings, symbolized by a coiled up snake sleeping at the base of the spine above the kanda (or bulbous root) near the navel, where the nadis unite and separate.

Kundal means coiled, and while coiled and sleeping, kundalini energy supports all life. But when awakened, she rises up the spine through the susumna, raising awareness from the lower to the higher self, spiritualizing consciousness.

  • Exercise of kundaklini
  • Divine Energy workshop
  • Seven chakra the station of kundalini
  • Techniques for transformation

“When you succeed in awakening the kundalini so that is starts to move out of its mere potentiality, you necessarily experience a world which is totally different from our world.”

Shahaj yoga course

5 days
NRs. 27,000

For those who don’t want to do hard physical posture. But want to get other benefits that yoga bring in daily life. Shahaj Yoga give following benefits:

  1. Improved health and vitality
  2. Physical and mental integrity
  3. Enhanced concentration
  4. Self-confidence
  5. Peace of mind
  6. Finally, Self-Realization.

“Fun, joy, relaxation and celebration involved yoga course”